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Lawn Care & Maintenance Plans

Lawn Care & Maintenance Plans


Whether you are moving into a new home, or updating the grounds of the home you already live in, landscaping can dramatically change the look of your house and property. Prime Property Landscaping has a proven track record of unique, quality landscape design. Our fabulous designs have paved the way to establishing Prime Property Landscaping as the premier landscape design company in Chattanooga. Homeowners who have allowed us to design and build their dream landscape find it not only produces a better landscape environment, but often saves them money.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscapes are a great way to add to the curb appeal of your home, but sometimes maintaining them can feel like a full time job. We can help to take that burden off of your plate. Landscape plants, unlike lawns, mature slowly and over the course of many years. Issues with plants can sometimes take a growing season or possibly more to correct. For this reason, it is always best to treat landscape plants proactively to ensure that they will grow strong and healthy from the beginning. We work with you to set up a landscape care plan that works for you and your lawn’s specific landscaping maintenance needs. Call us today at 423-306-2667 to schedule a FREE consultation with Prime Property Landscaping to discuss your landscape maintenance needs.

Landscape Aeration

The hot Chattanooga summers thin out most lawns around the area. Core aeration as well as re-seeding your lawn will help you achieve a lively green lawn next year. Aeration allows oxygen to saturate the roots, reduces compaction of the soil, and helps your lawn to recover. We will create a plan to aerate and reseed your lawn during the best times to ensure the most growth possible. This is also a great time to take care of any crabgrass or weed problems your yard has.

Water and Irrigation

We have extensive experience with water and irrigation. When planning a landscape, we always take into consideration drainage and irrigation. We can install an irrigation system while doing your landscape if you desire, but we always make sure the yard is draining properly so your plants have the most desirable habitat to thrive in.

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