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Retaining Walls

Chattanooga Retaining Walls


Retaining Walls not only serve a functional purpose, but as add visual appeal as well. Retaining walls go great with patios, walkways, pools and so much more. There are many different materials that can be used, from brick, to stone, to engineered materials. If you’re interested in potentially adding a retaining wall to your landscape, call us for a free consultation.

Why would I add a retaining wall?

Most often, our customers add retaining walls when dealing with a slope in their yard. Maybe you want to create a flat spot to add a playground for the kids, or you’re looking to build the pool of your dreams, either way- we can build a retaining wall to fit your needs!

Do you provide a design?

Yes, we do! Our designer will work side by side with you to come up with the perfect plan for your retaining wall.There are some pictures of our work on this page, but we can design yours to fit your home perfectly!

How do I get started?

Call Prime Property Landscaping at 423-306-2667 today to schedule a free consultation!


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