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3 Tips to Help Your Landscape Survive Chattanooga’s HOT Summer

3 Tips to Help Your Landscape Survive Chattanooga’s HOT Summer

It is proving to be yet another HOT Chattanooga summer. The constant 90°+ temperatures put a lot of stress on plants, even the well established ones. We have compiled a few tips to help your plants survive this summer.

  1. 1. Add mulch or pine straw around shrubs and trees. This will help provide insulation from the heat for the root systems. We recommend to add straw or mulch at about two to three inches thick.
  2. 2. Water your plants and lawn as early as possible. It’s preferable if watering finishes before daybreak. This way, you will prevent any evaporation, and your plants will receive as much water as possible.
  3. 3. Hand water plants that are wilting. If you notice that some plants look like they need more water than others, give them some extra water in the evenings to promote growth.

Some additional tips for keeping your plants looking great during the summer:

-Remember that newly planted or trans-planted plants need more water than well-established ones.

-Remove any dead blooms from plants, this will help the plant to conserve as much energy as possible during these hot months.


Prime Property Landscaping is your Chattanooga landscaping company. From design to implementation, we are with you every step of the way! If you need help to return your landscaping to it’s healthy state, we can help! We understand that during these hot months, sometimes your regular maintenance schedule isn’t enough. We will work together to design a maintenance plan that works specifically for you and your plants!


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