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Signs of Yard Drainage Problems

Signs of Yard Drainage Problems

If you can catch drainage issues before you end up with a wet basement or pools of water outside your home, it can often save you lots of money as well as time! We will cover some of the signs of drainage issues.

  1. Rushing gutters. If the water is coming up over the side of your gutters, that means that there is something blocking it from draining properly. Even if you see vertical dirt lines on the sides of the gutter, you’ll know that they’re not draining correctly. If not fixed, this can lead to damaged siding, paint and even structural damage
  2. Downspouts. Did you know that for every inch of rain that falls on a 1,000 sq ft. roof creates 600 gallons of runoff water? If this water isn’t directed away from your downspout, it can lead to water intrusion quickly! There are gutter extensions to help with this problem, they’re very affordable!
  3. Water stains in the basement. There are many reasons for these stains. Some are a big deal, but others can be rectified quickly. Most of the time a professional is needed to determine the exact source of the water and a course of action to remedy the situation.
  4. Mildew in your attic. The cause of this can very greatly. A simple cause would be a bathroom fan venting into your attic. Or it could be the moisture from the basement climbing all of the way to the attic. We recommend seeking professional help for this issue.
  5. Mulch scattered around your yard. This is often caused by incorrect drainage. The water flows through flowerbeds and brings mulch chips with it. A landscaper can help you to create a berm or a swale to give the water somewhere to run.

If you suspect a drainage problem, call us for a free consultation. We can remedy the problem before it turns into a headache for you.

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